Screening Tests

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Screening Tests

Genetic conditions can be addressed to pre – natally by screening and diagnostic methods. The diseases commonly screened pre natal are:

≡ Down syndrome
≡ Trisomy 13,18 Turner syndrome
≡ Chromosomal abnormalities
≡ Neural tube defects

Prenatal Screening Test in Deoria by Dr. Ashok Kumar Rai

Pregnancy is one of the most memorable journeys for every couple in the world. From the minute the doctor confirms the pregnancy to the day of the delivery, pregnancy is a journey through pain, excitement, anxiety and sometimes fear.

Fearing about the health of the child inside is most common among the to-be mothers. However with the advent of modern pregnancy screening tests during pregnancy and diagnostic methods, this health risk is drastically reduced. If you are a pregnant woman or woman who is planning for pregnancy, you must know adequate information about the prenatal screening test, the monitoring method which helps you know about the baby’s health.

Prenatal screening tests:

Prenatal screening tests are the medical test procedures performed during the pregnancy to check whether the development of the baby is hale and healthy. A pregnancy screening test helps the health care provider detect the possible health defects of the baby.

When are prenatal screening tests performed?

First trimester is pregnant women run from week 1 to week 12 in the pregnant women. Ultrasound and maternal blood serum screening tests are performed by the healthcare provider during the first trimester. Screening tests for nuchal translucency & nasal bone determination of the foetus are performed using ultrasound and maternal blood serum tests are performed to check the risk of chromosomal abnormalities. When used together ultrasound and blood tests can help in identifying the possibility of birth defects like Trisomy 18 & Down syndrome.

Prenatal screening tests in the second trimester:

Pregnancy screening tests in second trimester are performed during week 16 to week 18 and they include multiple blood tests that serve as markers. AFP screening, Estriol, Human chorionic gonadotropin, Inhibin are some of the screening test performed in the second trimester. An ultrasound is performed to monitor and ensure the development of the baby again in the second trimester. The combined first and second-trimester results can detect the majority of the birth abnormalities to the greatest accuracy.

In addition to the above tests, there are full physical, blood, urine test to check for various medical conditions. Ultrasound, Group B strep test, Glucose screening, Nonstress step are some of the tests that are performed in the third trimester depending upon the condition.

A screening test during pregnancy can provide the chance of birth defects or health problems in a child. In case the screening test shows the incidence of any possible conditions, diagnostic tests are ordered to provide the complete picture. Screening tests during pregnancy reduces the anxiety of the mother assuring the baby’s health or help the doctor and mother take the right steps to plan the baby’s care.

Screening tests are indispensable procedures in pregnancy journey which must be performed by the best doctors in the speciality. If you are in Deoria and are looking to get the pregnancy screening test in Deoria, Dr. Ashok Kumar Rai is the best pregnancy specialist in Deoria with extensive experience and a remarkable track record.