What is Obstetrics

Obstetrics is a branch of medicine that deals with patients who are pregnant, including child birth and midwifery. Pregnancy can be healthy or an abnormal one requiring careful treatment. An obstetrician plays a pivotal role in the care of a pregnant patient and her unborn baby. Dr. Ashok Kumar Rai will ensure that you and your baby sails through this journey with ease, comfort and highest level of care. The spectrum of obstetrics comprises of various phases enumerated as follows:

≡ Pre-natal phase

This covers the period of pregnancy from conception till delivery. It includes pregnancy detection, investigations management of healthy or abnormal fetus, or abnormally located fetus(ectopic pregnancy). It also deals with the complications and emergency conditions observed in pregnancy like pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure in a pregnant woman), eclampsia, bleeding in pregnancy, pre-term labor and delivery.

≡ Induction and Labor phase

This includes delivery of the patient by natural labor and labor initiation by medications (induced labor). Assisted delivery is the delivery of the baby by instruments like forceps , vacuum or by giving incision to mother’s perineum to facilitate widening of the birth canal for the provision of vaginal delivery.

≡ Post-Natal phase

This is the period following delivery of the baby. The role of the physician is to provide assistance for successful breast-feeding and to prevent post partum complications. Dr. Ashok Kumar Rai is a promoter of National Breast-feeding Initiative, and the hospital fulfils the criteria of a Baby-Friendly Hospital. Postpartum period is an appropriate time for contraceptive counselling and procedure as the patient is most receptive during this period. This phase completes with restoration of the physical health and wellbeing of the recuperating woman.